Commercial Wall Art Leasing

Modern artwork in your business can promote a creative and inspiring atmosphere. With wall art leasing you can get a jump start on putting the final touches in your office(s) and creating that positive workplace environment with landscape photographs.

Commercial wall art leasing is great for businesses wanting to replace outdated wall art, finish up your new space, or finally fill those blank walls. 

Kansas landscape photographer

Inspire Your Team

Modern landscape photography wall art can inspire creativity, and create a more engaging atmosphere for your team. Artwork is the new motivational poster, and by showing professional creativity on your walls you can create an atmosphere that encourages your staff to achieve. 

Wow factor artwork shows your visiting clients how important aesthetics and excellence is to your business. By putting style and beauty in your office(s) you can make a positive impact on current and potential clients or patrons.


Rather than paying up front in full, payment will be spread out through monthly installments making it affordable. You can even update the artwork at 6 months, 1 year, and 3 year intervals to keep your office(s) fresh and beautiful.

How It Works

I'll come check out your building or office and take measurements  of your space. This consult will allow me to recommend the perfect size images for each wall.

We'll speak about which types of images you're interested in. Sometimes a series (i.e. Kansas Sunflowers) would compliment your space, sometimes a variety or mix might best be suited. Let me know what you think!

I'll put together a custom quote, as each building or office might need a different number of prints and sizes.

A set-up fee is required at time of order and then you'll pay monthly installments, all dependent on the sizes and number of prints you'll lease.

Keep Your Space Fresh

Rotate in new images at regular intervals to keep your building or office fresh with new imagery.

Being able to see new artwork often can even further promote positive vibes in your space.

Wall Art intervals can be chosen at 6 months, 1 year or 3 years.

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